WHAT a flood!

Following the impact of Cyclone Debbie (a.k.a.Hurricane) — we coped a downpour… Over 355mm or 14 inches of rain fell in under 24-hours. Needless to say, though we were well prepared for rain — we struggled to keep afloat during the deluge.

The garden area was flooded and we lost much topsoil and a number of plants drowned.


Rivers of water flowed where none had ever before… actually sheets of water, often several inches thick flowed over everything and what was not secure was washed away…


The barn, while well roofed and stable, was hit with fire-hose like water streams. I managed to secure a few sheets of polycarbonate sheering to keep much of the water out and worked through the storm. However, there was a LOT of water everywhere.


We learned a lot about the property as a result of this downfall. We thought gravel was our answer for our road — yet we need much earthwork to channel the water away from it. We managed to get Kieran’s truck and our van bogged just before the storm came and it may be a week or so before we can rescue them. The prospect of parking near the gate and Andersons Road is looking more appealing all the time!

WHEW — we survived!