Something old – becomes something new…

A week ago we retired the Goa-TEL from active duty. It was a Newlands Premier 1976 model caravan which had been on the land since 1984. Sadly, the last dozen or so years had not been kind…


While the goats enjoyed the luxurious accommodation, ample windows, comfortable cushions, and varied height perches — it was getting pretty BAAAADDD… the stench of goats was a bit much so close to Forest Lodge.



Nearly gone — thanks to Clém, our large axe, and a trip to the tip with our ute.


Sometime recently, an opportunistic criminal had taken a torch to the caravan and stolen the axles from under it leaving it quite unstable and weak. We had to cut the remaining frame in half to move it out of the forest to a suitable area for re-building.



Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes… after the first day, Brett had replaced the missing main frame sections, upgraded / repaired the steel frame and made it ready for the subfloor and imminent re-build. Stay tuned!