Nick is staying busy

After the storm we managed to get Kieran’s large Hino truck bogged on our driveway. That made things interesting for over two weeks… Sadly, our ute, in an attempt to tug the truck out, had its clutch thrashed. Nick uses it regularly for lantana clearing and general clean-up — yet lately has resumed trips with the wheel barrow. We’ll find time to fix it soon.


Though Jaffa the new dog thinks he is the ruler of Dear Nick — the “real” ruler of the roost is Tick the goat (a.k.a. “the possessed”). She is an extraordinary piece of work… Nick moves the goats around on tethers each day to work specific areas that need grazing. Sadly, she and Jam get tangled regularly so Nick (being the goat-herder-extraordinaire) looks after them and keeps them untangled, fed and watered, and Little Joe entertained. Joe has an amazing knack for dancing, hopping, and playing — he is such the performer!