Mango season

Our first crop of mangos (last year) consisted of a few dozen small fruits (about lime size) which were quickly eaten by bats when ripe. We may have enjoyed just 3 or 4. So throughout the past year Nick has been diligently applying goat poo and straw to fertilise and preserve moisture around our half dozen trees. BOY was it a success — we harvested for over a month getting 50 or so large (about baseball size) mangos every single day.


We found that by harvesting each day and every fruit when near ripe — we were able to reduce bird and bat activity substantially. While we still shared a good number with the local wildlife — and gave away many, many more. We collected well over 800 mangoes. Nick would scoop them into freezer bags each day so we’ll have mangos for the year ahead.


Even Jaffa has developed a taste for mangos!


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  1. Just amazing! What beautiful looking Mangos… almost worth heading North for – such stunning fruit trees.

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