Let there be birds!

We’ve always had a great deal of wildlife around and while remote, being a deceased estate, our place had sat dormant for 10-years before we bought it. That said, we have an abundance of birds — especially when our fruit trees and garden are producing!

Here are a few birds we’ve captured with a photo — too many other birds abound to mention!


This morning I let the hens out of their house and was greeted by a large bush turkey. She got quite close, was mesmerised by our chickens, yet would not join in feeding. We have a few large turkey mounds (nests where they hatch their eggs using natural compost warmth).



Of course, we do have our share of domesticated birds (—er, somewhat domestic :<). This is our most devoted laying hen — she quite likes her bucket nest box and roost.



Bob, the Daddy Kookaburra, keeps a close eye on all new developments… this is him inspecting the new trailer based tiny house Brett is building.



A flock of Kings Parrots (usually males like this one) regularly fight us for our tomatoes — often enjoying them before we do!




We have scores of Pheasant Coucals about — such a lovely call!



Finally, we’re watched over by this gorgeous Silver White Owl (what species is it Susan? ;<)