Improvements to Forest Lodge

While Forest Lodge has long had appeal and character — one of the “round-toit” projects was the window in the loft. It’d been planned yet took some time to find a rather flat openable unit. Luckily, Frank at Thunderbird Salvage came through and I traded for a nice louvered model in great condition. The beauty of the window (aside from a clearer view of the surrounding forest and sky from the loft, is that its also a flue in Summer with the warm air building up in the cabin venting outwards without anything electrical. Its a tried and true design — much like a transom window above doors (which lost popularity yet are worthy of renewed popularity). Here it is in place with Brett doing the finishing touches and sealing. Also it was time to install the barge boards to trim the tin and roof join…. much more civilised!





We still enjoy our outdoor shower — yet with Winter, late afternoons are welcomed with cool windy conditions. This has Nick showering after lunch and enjoying the sunshine and surrounds. The inside shower is ready — sans the screen… in time, I’m sure we’ll find some glass to protect yet expose the beautiful timber frame and shower surround. It’ll be much better when the sun goes down!





We’ve also enhanced the fired-it nearby in the forest. It now has a keyhole cooking area where the coals may be easily moved under a griddle and grill. Its a great way to warm up after a busy day. You can barely see Nick’s little black dog watching the campfire.