Glass House cabin

Our newest addition, the Glass House (trailerable cabin) is progressing nicely — in spite of raining 11 of the past 10 days! (We’ve had another 300mm/6” rain this week alone). A tad muddy — yet otherwise fine.


Formerly known as “The Goatel” — it has been stripped back to the trailer base, refurbished and painted.






Steel frame built, the ceiling panelled, insulated and salvaged tin fitted.



Nick provides provisions and his little dog (Jaffa) close supervision. Putting into place the last few insulation panels leftover from my workshop, reused for our Stanmore patio, and finally, finding their home in the Glass House walls.



Our Forest Lodge was fitted with a burnt orange (Hook’em Horns!) corrugated iron sheeting. With quite a lot left over — what better than to sheet the Glass House in it too… Kind of a “Mini-Lodge”!

Before you builder types say “Brett, that foil is supposed to face inwards” — rest assured, it was done on purpose… The foil under the tin acts as a vapour barrier shedding condensation and any rain water that may find its way through the re-used tin. And, being in the bush, it also (when properly taped) helps keep the ants, crawly things and mozzies away.




Here it is as of now… 3 of 4 exterior walls complete, rain proof, and standing pretty in the forest.


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  1. Really impressive work, there. How clever of you both to recycle materials such as this – so many others would simply "junk". You two are amazingly resourceful! Keep up the fab work – and ideas! V xx

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