Ever-ready Lockie returns!

Lockie had visited late last year — before we had water and related facilities. Brave enough to return, he found quite a bit of progress — yet was happy to pitch in and help further. While we prepared materials for the re-birth of Goatel (v2) — the rain and cool weather slowed progress. We readied the Oregon and Tallow timber for the build yet focused more on plants. Lockie was quite helpful in identifying several new trees we’d found. These include: Black Apple (also called Planchonella Australis – a native plum like apple tree). He also clarified that what we’d thought was Black Boys is actually called Bullrush (a smaller version of a grass tree). We managed to plant a few more trees (including two avocados) and move the divider fence near Forest Lodge to expand and protect the tree preserve.



Not to be hungry… we enjoyed many a fine meal including exquisite omelettes, grilled trout dinners, lovely salads with garden produce. Sadly, we’d been unable to decide which goat would taste best grilled. Being SO ornery, I expect they need to be slow cooked in a steam style oven (so we’ll leave cabrito for another day! ;<) Among our most elaborate meals was a very rustic grilled chook (affixed to a custom made steel -er crucifix) which extentuated the smokey fire flavour with hints of rosemary, lemon grass and chile marinade. This was served with damper on a stick, charcoal roasted pumpkin, and a variation of the classic smores which included Nutella, roast pumpkin mash, ginger bisquits, and of course flame grilled marshmallows… it was decadent!