Christmas eve

We thoroughly enjoy having guests out for BBQs and fun in the bush. Today was no exception (sorry- only the cake made it into a picture!) It was FANTASTIC — thanks Linda! Also, Here the ute got a new shade sail to escape the heat — thanks Jeff! The farm animals carried on (as usual) with the chooks now laying a dozen eggs (why they enter their brood boxes with head to the rear wall — I’ll never know!) Nick, the bestest goat herder, and his little dog made sure the goats were well looked after. The grass is stellar as we’ve had regular rain — its been a great Summer!





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  1. Wow!! You two have done so much this year! Everything is beginning to take shape and looks quite different since we saw you last July. May 2018 bring you both much success, health, happiness (and dare I say it..) wealth! Perhaps a Lotto win? Well done, dear Brothers. Very impressive. V xx

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