Canyon track and trekking

Jaffa and I often hike the canyon below our garden and buildings to the creek below.


Nick is clearing as we go with his favourite shears — thanks Jill!


Check out the roots on this fig tree — over 100 feet long from tree to creek bed floor. Absolutely majestic!


Being shaded and cooler than most areas its also wetter in the canyon too. That means we have our own rainforest with quite different flora and fauna than up above (we’re near 100 metres below our cabins).



Every project is made MUCH easier with the help of many hands… Kevin (our latest helper from France) and Nick happy to be back on top — while Brandon continues his trek. Brandon is from Canada and aims to plant a million trees before he finishes up his travels and settles down — so far, he’s near half way done… hats off Brandon — well done!