Canyon Cabin near completion

Its taken many months longer than we’d expected — yet our Canyon Cabin (started for Jill’s visit) is near complete.



Jaffa is always nearby and watches progress — sadly, he’s never really able to help!


With the pecan tree bare, it allows Winter sunshine to hit to roof keeping the cabin warm as the sun sets. The Paw Paw thrives nearby too. We’ve used over-sized timber and where close to the ground, galvanised steel posts to keep it strong, steady, and durable.


Volia! Decks done and move-in ready…. it took some convincing to get Nick to move into the Canyon Cabin — he really feels Forest Lodge is “home” so we use the Canyon for sleeping. Canyon Cabin has a magical outlook over a canyon with near 70 meter (210 feet) drop to the floor below — and at the same time, a view of the Black Mountain ridge and peak which rises near 50 meters (160 feet) above. Its is simple phenomenal to wake up to the majestic pink/gold sunshine warming the hillside — all the while thousands of wild birds sing a welcome to another day. It truly is a slice of paradise!