At long last — our containers have a covered roof!

Since we moved in, Brett has been keen to have a covered roof across the containers near the garden. The first year here we lost a new large sail tarp which held up well — until Cyclone Debbie dumped 16” of rain in several days. It ripped apart yet also highlighted the amount of rainwater that was lost and made getting a solid catchment roof a priority. Sadly, as all goods things seem to take time, it took another year or so for Brett to accumulate the materials to build, and for a strong helper to return for the construction. Lockie was a real Hercules himself and we strong armed the steel across the containers then began hanging the 12” purlins and later snap locked the tin roof in place. Amazingly, we still have a fair amount of tin left for other projects remaining in the forest.


The roof is a modular design that uses the cam locks that containers all have which are stone enough to lift the entire loaded building from. We vastly overbuilt the roof using re-cycled steel angle iron 6”x6”x3/8” thats 150x150x6mm so it has great weight and strength — It would take quite a wind to lift them now! Its also increased our water catching capacity significantly — just need to gutter and pipe it into the tank…



Now we have a safe area to park our ute and RAV under when storms come and the occasional hail falls. Its also a great workspace which we’ll eventually level, gravel, then brick with the pavers we gathered last year from Wille and Jen.



Cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have the roof done — our simple accomplishments, as they’re done through frugal collection, minimal expense, yet great efforts — truly are rewarding and makes us proud as ever of our simple place we call home.