A time for blooms, fruit and friends!


The garden continues to bumble along… MANY bees have been about enjoying the nectar and pollinating plants. This Monarch butterfly couldn’t quite work out the bird netting yet seemed SO close!


Goats being goats sometimes get too carried away with being everywhere EXCEPT where we want them… this electric mesh fence helps remind them they have work to do. It only takes a single zap to keep them respectful (oaky, maybe two for Joe — he thought it was tingly and fun!)




Speaking of tingly and fun — our dearest Sisters from Sydney came up with the whole pack to check out YUNDA. Twelve hours driving over several days saw Vic and Susan with Andy and Cricket make it up. We are honoured to have had them go to such effort to see us. Jaffa was SO lucky having scored many treats and kibbles brought up to spoil him. Seems he smiled for weeks afterwards (yet, so did we! ;<)