A new orchard and ole friends

Jaffa and Nick return from Frank’s Lookout after watering new trees.
Nick Jaffa in RAV
While the past week had been full of massive projects — we still took time to enjoy lunch with Hoppy and Lyn visiting from Sydney.
Brett Hoppy Lynne Nick
We’ve started work on large arc shaped orchard above the Spring.
tractor slashing above spring
It took a day to slash and we finally got rid of the Johnson Grass stand above the Spring. We also cleared a new area for a new citrus orchard and road side tree preserve.
green grass near spring
It took two days for Nicholas and I to dig the 65 holes for the orchard. When finished, I dug another 10 for new citrus trees and got them in place.
Nick helping plant frangipani trees
Caroline helped mulch the new citrus and existing trees with the heaps of cut grass.
Caroline wheelbarrowing orchard mulch

The next day, after Nicholas and Caroline departed, Philip and I planted near 100 Frangipanis in the new orchard in a single day. WHEW! It was hot, tiring, but fulfilling work.

frangipani tree orchard above spring