Latest structures settled in and a new project about to kick-off

Spring has been good this year with showers yielding green grass and healthy trees. Our Canyon Cabin is nestled in the edge of the bush overlooking our Creek Canyon.


We cherish each drop of rain which falls as it brings and sustains life for us. I’ve built a rain collector with pony pump from the canyon cabin which pumps water to either our garden or main water tank as needed. Simple, effective, yet invaluable.


It took some time to amass the materials — yet the shed roof connecting the containers which Lockie and I built during his last visit has been invaluable for shaded and protected work space — Herc’ the ute quite likes it too!


Remember these photos of our forest walk to Forest Lodge as next week there will be a major transformation…



Spring time sunrise and flowers

Our newest Canyon Cabin is directed due East and we enjoy gorgeous sunrises which awake the birds and canyon it overlooks.



Just outside, we admire each day the changing flowers and trees.


While a tad hot for them — the bees have been busy!



Won’t be long and we’ll have Passion Fruit en mass.


We have several beds of lettuce thriving this year


Aubergine flowers a.k.a. Eggplant


Mickey Mouse plant which is a gorgeous bush bees love yet grows rampant here.


Marigolds in garden beds to fend off some pests


Stags Ear


Crucifix Orchards near Forest Lodge


Nick and Jaffa are near our Vanilla Ice Cream tree grove which this time of year is covered with blossoms and thousands of birds by day and bats by night.


Celebrating our accomplishments.. and our foundation CentroProEco.Org

Our favourite moments often include great food, drink and friends… time to relax — and celebrate our many accomplishments. Nick and I are proud to be care-takers of our wondrous property and to be able to share it with so many helpers and friends.


We are setting up a foundation to help preserve, protect, and educate others in sustainable practices. Much of what we have done is permaculture based and low impact environmentally. We have so much more we want to do… establishing a foundation should help us achieve more — from even more enthusiastic volunteers, to those who are more interested in investing in our projects, to others who wish to promote, educate and share their knowledge. We welcome ALL and toast to the successes (both past and future). Working together — we can do great things!

Our foundation is called CentroProEco.Org and while we have started it’s website — we will continue growing it and building our place as an environmental education and retreat centre. Stay tuned!

Guten tag Derya and Dirk!

Some of our favourite memories are with Derya — whether Glebe days gone by, or Spain when we travelled about, or perhaps Bonn… guess our most laid-back and recent was when they came out to visit us. We are SO pleased that Derya is now employed by University of Queensland as a Geology Professor (specialising in Volcanos — we have several around!)



Canyon track and trekking

Jaffa and I often hike the canyon below our garden and buildings to the creek below.



Nick is clearing as we go with his favourite shears — thanks Jill!



Check out the roots on this fig tree — over 100 feet long from tree to creek bed floor. Absolutely majestic!


Being shaded and cooler than most areas its also wetter in the canyon too. That means we have our own rainforest with quite different flora and fauna than up above (we’re near 100 metres below our cabins).



Every project is made MUCH easier with the help of many hands… Kevin (our latest helper from France) and Nick happy to be back on top — while Brandon continues his trek. Brandon is from Canada and aims to plant a million trees before he finishes up his travels and settles down — so far, he’s near half way done… hats off Brandon — well done!


We took Vic and Susan with us to nearby Lake Borumbah one Sunday noon.

Nick and I love to take the boat out and Jaffa proudly acts like Leonardo DiCaprio (luckily no Titanic for us!)



As we went through Imbil, we met up with Frank and Suzie at their daughter Penelope’s new cafe at the Imbil Bowling and Tennis Club). What a lovely meal overlooking the creek — thank you Frank (see how he’s smiling! ;<) Oh, our Canadian tree planting helper Brandon was especially funny after many wines… LOL!


Vic and Susan have really gotten into the country lifestyle… hats, boots, and jean shorts (okay — just Vic in shorts… so far!) Nick enjoyed her hat — for a second.


Thought I’d surprise Vic and arrive for dinner in her “style” — always a great time to be had!