Day out in country Imbil

We took Vic and Susan with us to nearby Lake Borumbah one Sunday noon.

Nick and I love to take the boat out and Jaffa proudly acts like Leonardo DiCaprio (luckily no Titanic for us!)



As we went through Imbil, we met up with Frank and Suzie at their daughter Penelope’s new cafe at the Imbil Bowling and Tennis Club). What a lovely meal overlooking the creek — thank you Frank (see how he’s smiling! ;<) Oh, our Canadian tree planting helper Brandon was especially funny after many wines… LOL!


Gorgeous time of year

While the Sunshine Coast is usually fine — this time of year is great for early morning sunrises in pink/orange.



Bird life is rampant (these two pin headed dove were courting above the spring).



While Nick and I are always mesmerised with our lovely place… here Bobbette the Kookaburra is watching over our bee hive with Nick nearby.


And, as always, we enjoy the FAV each day — this near sunset when the colours have faded and light is mild.


Canyon creek trek

We took a trek to the canyon floor and followed the creek East.


So many great trees with such character and constantly changing. Conner knows how to work his tongue — and Hannah is very pleased!


These massive fig trees are so majestic with their fanned roots. Lovely!


After a big hike, we always take time to rest and enjoy the views.


Oh, and later we enjoyed MORE pumpkin sopaipillas!



Fencing and fun

After several days of clearing and a few days of fencing — Daniel celebrates the hardest part is done! Near 45% slope and barbwire were… an interesting test of determination!


Jaffa is surveying the over 1 kilometre of fence we installed in about a week — clearing path, setting posts, stringing wire, building gates… Sometimes I wish I were a dog!


Daniel and Valentina (from Chile) were always keen to share their pumpkin sopaipillas and happy to cuddle too.



Here we’ve gone to Tinbeerwah Lookout to enjoy the stellar view — always changing and greatly enjoyed!


Susan and Vic invited us around for dinner and we were treated to a fantastic piano concert by Vic.