There is seldom a day that passes when we don’t find something new on our place…

This was carved into a tree near Black Mountain Road near the top of our property.



Abundant and enormous trees along our canyon and its riverbed. It never ceases to impress.


Another day at the beach…

Jill flies out tomorrow so we had to hit the beach one last time. It was a great day and the water perfect!



Aside from several new trees which we planted, Jill was kind enough to replace Nick’s favourite tool… new shears! Nick and Jaffa smiled for days!


While still progressing — with a few weeks of rain before her visit — the newest cabin was not finished for Jill’s visit. BUT it certainly will be ready next time!


Taking shape


Its been a joy to build the Canyon cabin overlooking a bird preserve and sanctuary — every moment the light, breezes, and birds calling changes. It really is a magical place and one to be much enjoyed for years to come.

Laminated timber posts and beams along with the window walls from Frank at Thunderbird. The Oregon timber joists came from our place in Stanmore which I salvaged from the skip before they landed in the tip. Always prefer steel studs when possible — this eliminates termites and makes a sound structure.