Cabin build for hire

Brett has worked for weeks building a holiday cabin in nearby Cooroy for a family who operates a natural area holiday park near Tweed Heads NSW. They are designed to be slid aboard a tilt tray truck for transport and a bathroom and carport then attached once positioned. Its a great family enterprise — father and a few brothers are helping with the project. Its taken Brett away from the property — yet its been a boost to cash-flow and quite an enjoyable project. This is the first completed of a number of cabins yet to be built.





Da bestest ute… da bestest Sisters!

Well, wet season is upon us. That said, our IVECO van had to go (last year it was bogged (a.k.a. stuck) repeatedly. A few more and its clutch would be gone. SO, we already sold Nick’s Jeep (for a handsome profit), our 4 door 1995 Holden ute finally gave up… both clutch AND ring gear on the fly wheel went out. She was cactus!



We were fast approaching walking… Jeep gone, Holden dead, van sold, scooter no rego, MC limited… it was getting grim. Our dearest, most cherished Sisters from Sydney (a.k.a. Vic and Susan) stepped up to help. With MUCH going on, with tools and other goodies already received — our bestest Sisters were kind enough to help us with a new ute. Meet HERCULES, a.k.a. da bestest ute. Shiney, strong, able… Brett instantly fell in love (again). Luckily, Nick is a good sport and enjoys Hercules nearly as much too.


A new horizon…. Hercules brings a new era in getting around the place (and beyond) comfortably, safely, and (dare I say) in style! All we added were a few new toolboxes for Brett’s tools to be secure while he is off building cabins (or shopping). From the bottom of our hearts — to the tips of our phalanges… THANK YOU Dearest Sisters — you are da bestest!


Hastings River and Noosa Heads

Nick, Jaffa and Brett had for far too long been land locked. So, to make a weekend extra special, went out on Vitabellina (our 110 Sport Boston Whaler). We launched from near Noosa Marina and went up river, past our place, all the way to Kin Kin.


Jaffa had a GREAT time. He truly is a water dog… even Nick enjoyed it! ;<)


Check out this MASSIVE Queensland rego numbers. They are BIGGER than the boat (but the minimum required here). Sadly, Queensland is getting as bad as other states for money grubbing and over-governing… oh, the days of Australian “fair-go” and taking personal responsibility… seems we’re more and more like the US and UK ;<(.


New YUNDA logo


We had always used a bold font for YUNDA and it seemed quite nice… However, Brett came up with a new logo which indicates how we’re green and care for trees and the environment. Its our new identity and going forward will be posted about.

Birthday Boy

Our dear friend Martin celebrated his 50 — er 40th birthday and threw quite a bash at Steve’s place in Kin Kin.




What a lot of frivolous festivity and good times. Thanks all for a celebration worth remembering!