Some of da bestest things…

Are treasured memories, and in this case, old tools from days gone by… Dear Vic was kind enough to arrange for her beloved Father’s tools to be saved for me after he passed. She tells me some of them also belonged to her Grandfather — so happy to “keep them in the Family!” Jeff carted boxes of tools up from Sydney and I could not have been happier! Old braces, hammers, files, drill press, saw, torches… there was a bunch of useful tools which I too will cherish and put to good use. THANKS Dear Vic!



Working away while Nick is in Sydney

The goats keep a close eye on all around the place (just like the Kookaburras) and Jam jumped in the ute to check out the big Black Mountain stones I’d been collecting. During the wet season our road flooded badly and the level was tilting away from the spring downhill. With Jam and Jaffa’s supervision, I put in six truck loads of stone along the drive. That should settle in and make the road much less muddy and threatening when the rain returns.


Bushfire season approaching…

Lucky for us our place and the area in general has not suffered from bushfires in the past. Things are starting to get quite dry and the wind has been consistent causing increased risk. This afternoon photo, while blazing orange (luckily) was just the sunset — yet served as a reminder we best get prepared for the coming bushfire season (usually officially starting 01 Sept each year).



Camp fire cooking updated

When Lockie was around we used two large barrel halves as our fire pit for his chook cooker. While it worked okay — it was time to upgrade! SO I built a brick fire pit with spot for the roasting spit overhead. Nick and I had to test it out — though Jaffa wanted more meat — it worked quite well indeed! Check out the clouds that evening — majestic!