Good fences make good -er, better neighbours

After 10 years vacant, the adjoining neighbour below us had run the gamit on the place… From agisting livestock (that’s running cows for those not from around here) on the land for a tidy sum (our garden still has signs of their former mid-night raids), to giving others (we’ve met a few) open reign to shoot guns, ride motocross, and generally take anything they can carry…


While the outer fence was reasonably sound — we had already replaced the front gates, repaired several sections — yet only recently found the time to rebuild several parts which had been cut and tied back (thanks “neighbour”).


First up is carefully clearing a path to find and remove the old fence. Then come the process of replacing posts (all but one of our fences was hard wood posts and old wire). Digging into the Black Mountain sometimes takes a good blend of calories, sweat, pry barring, cussing and patience… but sustained effort is rewarded!

Our friend Mark came up from Brisbane while on his holiday to help us out. He became quite talented with our whipper snipper!


Adios Goatel — Hola Goatcienda!

While to goats were happy with their goatel — the aromatherapy was more than we could stand on warmer, still days…


Using several shades of tin (of course, solar gain and cooling is important for any building). Making two walls “above grade” so flood waters can flow through — yes, we DO get rain in buckets sometime. Building near the tree preserve (damn goats still barking and killing trees! ;<( under the majestic paper bark gum that the goats simply can’t swallow… This led to the Goatcienda — the new home for the goats!


Of course, windows were fitted so the little monsters can peer out and plan their next misadventure. Security was a priority (we used da-bestest-gate from Stanmore to make it accessible yet enclosed)— keeping them in is critical AND keeping dogs out (word has it there are wild dogs about). All I see is Jaffa trying to sneak an extra treat of goat poo when Nick is not looking — then kissing Nick constantly… YUCK!


The goats all approve of the new accomodation. Tikkus ALWAYS commands the best level for looking out the window. Not so Little Joe is all over the place doing his goat yoga. Jamila finds whatever position remains… she is not fussed (until its feeding time and then she becomes an eating machine!)

Purcells leave the country… to visit the country!

Ian and Joy have long planned a trip to see us… they left Yea in country Victoria and travelled for many, many, many hours and kilometres (stopping along the way, thank goodness). Once they arrived, after the requisite tour — they insisted on helping.

We pruned the many citrus trees then trimmed and mulched around them. Part of their plans were a memorial tree for our beloved Deo — we selected a Leopard Tree from the Cooroy nursery and planted it, along with several Lillypillies around the place.

Luckily, they approved of our Forest Lodge and we enjoyed numerous good meal, stories, and a few smiles too! ;<)

Thanks SO much as we could not have achieved so much without your help!