Springing into Autumn

The goats are enjoying the seasonal grass which is abundant after the big rains. Jam is not showing but Tik looks VERY pregnant. Little Joe is no longer quite so little.


The lantana is at its peak with many multicoloured blooms and the trees are in full production with many birds by day and possums by night enjoying the abundance.



Latest developments

Our garden has bounced back pretty well from the weeks of flooding. Though our peas and eggplant failed and tomatoes have dropped to half production — other varieties have been producing well. We have bunches of Bush Beans and Purple Hull Beans, loads of cucumber, Basil and other herbs are thriving, and plenty of lettuce and mustard greens are much enjoyed. We have 21 planters now yet aiming for 48 by the end of Winter so we can make the most of the coming Springtime and sell our abundance — wish us luck next season!


Our dearest friends from Sydney, Patrick and Christopher, came up for a visit over Easter — it was a magical time with perfect weather, ample food and wine, great hikes and regular outings. We SO enjoyed their visit and look forward to catching up again soon. We also welcomed the Glen’s back and enjoyed a lovely lunch on Easter Monday.



Nick is staying busy

After the storm we managed to get Kieran’s large Hino truck bogged on our driveway. That made things interesting for over two weeks… Sadly, our ute, in an attempt to tug the truck out, had its clutch thrashed. Nick uses it regularly for lantana clearing and general clean-up — yet lately has resumed trips with the wheel barrow. We’ll find time to fix it soon.


Though Jaffa the new dog thinks he is the ruler of Dear Nick — the “real” ruler of the roost is Tick the goat (a.k.a. “the possessed”). She is an extraordinary piece of work… Nick moves the goats around on tethers each day to work specific areas that need grazing. Sadly, she and Jam get tangled regularly so Nick (being the goat-herder-extraordinaire) looks after them and keeps them untangled, fed and watered, and Little Joe entertained. Joe has an amazing knack for dancing, hopping, and playing — he is such the performer!


Barn refurbishment continues


To make the barn more useful and welcoming, we have added a door and a few windows on the end walls. Light is more abundant with plexiglass sheets and air flow with openable sections. I was SO proud to be able to re-use the Oregon timber I salvaged from the skip behind our old place in Stanmore… It really is gorgeous timber and has made a perfect loft to maximise space in the barn.


Local expert, Bob the Kookaburra agrees, the view of the forest and surrounds from the North East wall is quite compelling. Only thing, he can’t quite agree on our adding glass (as it keeps him from chasing the odd mouse or other pest as quickly as he’s accustomed to). We hope Bob copes with it in time.


Life returning to normal…

Following the flood and storm we were without electricity for 3 days. Lucky for us, Brett had prepared with a quiet low-voltage and a high-powered generator system. We would cook and clean using maximum power then revert to a less costly and quiet option to power Nick’s work (internet and computer).


It didn’t take long for the area to green up again. It had been a few months since substantial rain and after a deluge of rivers and waterfalls — the grass and trees have really perked back up. Life is beautiful in the Sunshine Coast!