YUNDA eco Stead is a nature sanctuary and sustainable homestead located in the Noosa hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast region of Southeast Queensland Australia.

Offering orchards surrounded by forests, waterways feeding ponds, gardens feeding ourselves and visitors, and a variety of animals both native and domestic. 

We apply permaculture, organic and biodynamic practices in our efforts to create highly nutritional gardens, thriving ornamental and edible orchards, and natural habitats where native plants and animals may flourish. 

Native bush regeneration has been underway since 1984 — yet we’re just getting started… join us to learn while helping improve our environment.


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Noosa events ~ Sunshine Coast Noosa Hinterland ~ Queensland Australia

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Been ages…

Over a year hiatus from regular posts here at our YUNDA blog. Plenty has been going on — yet every available moment was spent outdoors instead of in front of a screen. Now that Winter has arrived, things have slowed (a tad) — so more time inside. I’ll add new entries retroactively as I’m able. …